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Social Media Guidelines

Facebook Posting Parameters

General Chamber Facebook Page  - Posts By Administrators
  • Any Clearview Chamber event, meeting or initiative, both free and not

  • Community Focused Events (e.g. Sponsored free skating, Duck Race, Small Halls, etc.; discretionary to the administrator of the page)

  • Community News (e.g. Parking restrictions, road closures, construction, etc.)

  • Local newspaper articles, both members and non-members

  • Any non-profit organization meeting that is open to the public

  • Events put on by other Chambers, both free and not free (Chambers helping Chambers)

  • Posts about a new business opening in Clearview, whether they are a member or not

Not Permitted
  • Post about sales or specials for any business

  • Posts about individual business events that require payment (unless it is by donation)

Any posts related to a Facebook administrator’s business must be posted by another Facebook administrator.

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