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President's Message


It is my pleasure to be President of the Clearview Chamber of Commerce. 
I joined the Clearview (Stayner) Chamber back in 2018 and felt right at home.  Our members are friendly and always willing to help with ideas and volunteering their time. I would like to thank everyone, from the small shops to the large-scale operations who donate year after year in support of our socials, arts and cultural events including our Music in the Park. We need a strong business community because that is what keeps our township vibrant and successful. 

Kelly Kramer

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My Story

My husband, Carson and I, owned and operated a multi-national automotive parts company for twenty years. We understand that all levels in an organization need to be heard and that keeping an open-mind/open-door policy builds the respect required for a successful operation.

After retiring in 2010, we found that we couldn’t sit still, so we both retrained for web design and in 2012, we founded Shine Web Creations Inc. and have since purchased licenses for,,, and others to support our local businesses.

My entrepreneurial experience has taught me the important role that effective and efficient policies and procedures play in the success of any operation. I am also familiar with budget processes, financial planning, and respectfully working with human resources.

Since joining the executive board as President I have volunteered with the Clearview Township on their Economic Development Advisory Committee.  I welcome your input on how we can grow and strengthen our business community.  Please reach out with your ideas.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities that will assist our local businesses. Let's connect.

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