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Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Clearview Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce since January 2019.  As such there are many benefits to our members with being associated with the OCC. One of those benefits is that they share information out with us for our review and knowledge helping your local businesses with the information that matters to you. 

The OCC also offers webinars on an on-going basis, business resources and exclusive offers through their Affinity Partners. Details below. 


WEBINARS - The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has partnered with their members to provide you with up to date information to support your business. Find the latest webinars at:

ONTARIO BUSINESS RESOURCE – the province provides information on how to start a business, grants, support etc. Details at:

Covid-19 Tools & Resources - Stay up-to-date here:

Covid-19 FAQ's:



Exclusive offers & savings! Supporting business growth in Ontario.


Program details below or log onto:



Wouldn’t it be great to get the things you need without using money? BarterPay® is an organized bartering platform that helps businesses across Canada get the things they need without having to use money. Instead, they can pay for those things using their own goods & services! So now, you as a business owner, can acquire some of the things you need and pay by issuing your own goods and services to the network and keeping your hard-earned cash in the bank. 

Grand & Toy

Grand & Toy provides real value to the Chamber of Commerce members Canada wide. We provide businesses with easy and convenient ways to purchase products and solutions. With the Chamber’s purchasing power, members save on average up to 25% off competitor pricing, have access to fantastic paper prices, and receive preferred pricing on select categories including office supplies, coffee and tech accessories.  Sign up for your Member’s Exclusive Program

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You're always looking for ways to save on costs and serve customers better. Take advantage of our group shipping arrangement with Purolator—and get reliable, professional courier services for less.

Receive preferential pricing with discounts ranging from 25%-45% on Purolator Express and Purolator Ground suite of courier services.


Sign up for your discount 


Meridian has partnered with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to help you grow your business with exclusive banking offers and fantastic perks for your employees.

For more information, we have a PDF Download here for you or you can check out the website

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March / April Promo:

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Accept payments in-store, online and on the go.

Elavon is the Clearview Chamber of Commerce preferred partner for secure and reliable payment processing.


Payment Solutions Built for You

Did you know that the Clearview Chamber of Commerce is a preferred partner with Elavon?
Elavon offers a powerful suite of payment solutions and flexible partner programs to help empower your success and accelerate your revenue growth. They provide next-day funding so you can better manage cash flow and business operations. Elavon makes it possible. You make it happen. Are you ready to get started?


Sign up below or call 1.844.935.3621 to learn about the options available to meet your unique business needs and take advantage of your members-only discounted pricing.

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