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Released April 11th 2022 - Read the OCC's 2022 Provincial Budget Submission

Yesterday, April 11th, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released its 2022 provincial budget submission, focused on economic recovery, resilient communities, and modernizing regulation and fiscal policy.

Recommendations to government in this year’s submissions include:

  1. Support entrepreneurship and small business growth with targeted business supports and access to public sector procurement.

  2. Strengthen Ontario’s workforce by boosting immigration and training programs.

  3. Make housing more affordable through increased supply and regulatory reforms.

  4. Advance regional transportation and broadband infrastructure projects.

  5. Bolster our health care system and address major backlogs in diagnostics and cancer screenings.

  6. Seize Ontario’s opportunity to lead in the global green economy.

  7. Remove barriers to interprovincial trade and labour mobility.

The recommendations outlined in OCC’s budget submission were developed together with businesses, associations, post-secondary institutions, and the Ontario Chamber Network.

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