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The Strategic Plan Final Report is now available on the Strategic Plan page of Clearview’s website,, signaling the completion of the Strategic Plan Review Process.

Mayor Doug Measures is pleased to see the final report, “Over the next several years, this plan will act as a guiding document for Council and Township staff as we seek to make decisions and invest our community resources to serve the best interests of our residents and visitors. This Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for us as we work towards our collective vision to grow and prosper for today and generations to come.” 

The report gives residents an easily digestible and comprehensive overview of the current revised strategic plan, the background and process of the 2023 review and the priorities and initiatives of focus moving forward. 

Staff are working towards an interactive dashboard that residents can view at any time for updates on initiatives and projects of interest under each of the Strategic Priorities. Notice will be given when the dashboard is available.

Residents are encouraged to view the final report and visit the Strategic Plan webpage at,, for updates on initiative progress as they become available.

For more information, please contact: 

John Ferguson CAO

Clearview Township

(705) 428-6230 ext. 228

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