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FREE BrandBuilder Seminar - Hone in on What Matters Most

HOW CAN YOUR BRAND HELP YOUR BUSINESS? Your brand can help leave the past few years behind.

The past few years have been exhausting! Adjusting and Readjusting. Acting and Reacting. Whether you’ve had to say goodbye to some parts of your business to keep your doors open or you’ve seen dramatic growth…it finally looks like we can all hope and plan for tomorrow.

But planning for a business can feel overwhelming. What comes first? What’s most important? What resources can give me reliable and relevant information to help me get it done? We want to help achieve all of your hopes and plans for tomorrow.

The Small Business Enterprise Centre – in partnership with Two Sisters Growing Brands and the Collingwood Foundry – are hosting a BrandBuilder Seminar.

In a small relaxed group, this two-hour FREE seminar will help you unearth where you need to focus the most. Choose from one of two date options.


DATE: Wednesday June 22

TIME: 10am - 12pm

LOCATION: The Collingwood Foundry


DATE: Thursday June 23

TIME: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

LOCATION: The Collingwood Foundry

A brand — so much more than a logo

You’ll discover that your brand is so much more than your logo or design. It can:

• inspire new ideas

• strengthen all aspects of your existing business

• make every single business decision easier

Space is limited. REGISTER NOW.

Questions? Email Stef at or call 705-351-3309

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