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It was an amazing night celebrating us local Clearview ladies in recognition of International Women’s Day 2023

A big thank you to our sponsors, guest performers and volunteers. Together we accomplished a wonderful evening social for all and we can't wait to see you again next year in 2024

Clearview Chamber 

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Jess Bowman - Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Jess Bowman.png

"Jess Bowman is a singer/songwriter/musician who catches everyone's attention with her unique voice, guitar playing and loop pedal! While making herself into a one man band, Jess is well known for her wide variety of music that everyone can dance, sing and enjoy!"


Jess wrote her first song back when she was sixteen and has been singing for as long as she can remember. Over the years, she has learned to play a multitude of instruments that include; piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, and banjo.

In 2019 she released her first single "Did You?" and since then has recorded more of her original songs including "Closer", "Alcohol", and "Little Things." She released her first EP, "Six Feet Apart," which has been available since May 2020. CHECK OUT HER NEW SINGLE "In My Bones" available on all streaming platforms now!

Follow Jess online at: or FB @Jess Bowman Music

Creemore Drumming Collective


In the summer of 2021, a group of folks met up informally at Mad River Park in Creemore to feel the camaraderie and rhythm of a drum circle. They played on hand drums, also  called circle drums or djembes. When the end of summer approached, one of the members decided to organize a facilitated, indoor drum circle on a regular basis at the Station on the Green, and the Creemore Drumming Collective was born.


It is an adult community-based organization that fosters connections through drumming.

The Collective holds weekly drum circles under the musical direction of Lesley Joosten, a member of the Georgian Triangle Music Teachers’ Association. For more information, please contact Barb Halsall

Cocoon Sound Therapy - Lisa Kristine

Cocoon Sound Therapy (white lettering).png
Lisa Kristine.jpg

Lisa Kristine has been working with Himalayan Singing Bowls to assist others on their healing journey for 10 years.  She was drawn to work with the singing bowls for their ability to work on a cellular level to realign the body, mind, emotions and spirit while the client peacefully drifts in deep meditation.  She is fascinated with the metaphysical aspect of healing, is a firm believer in our inherent tendency toward homeostasis, and in sound's remarkable power to heal and transform.

Sound healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls calm the mind, facilitate a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace, and nourish the soul. It also assists in reducing tension and restoring harmony, energy and balance.  The cosmic sounds from the singing bowls produce multiple harmonic overtones that are recognized for their ability to induce a deep sense of peace, tranquility and well-being.

During the group meditation sounds from singing bowls will wash over you as you rest comfortably in a seated position or laying on the floor.  Please bring what you require to be comfortable (yoga mat, blanket, pillow) or comfortable folding camp chair.

To connect with Lisa, call 705.520.0103 or email

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